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Work-Life Balance Staying in Shape While Staying in the Office - Spark Hire

Work-Life Balance Staying in Shape While Staying in the Office - Spark HireLets face it the office environment isnt exactly conducive to staying in shape. You sit at your desk for hours on end, oftentimes too busy to even take a lunch break. Not to mention, there seems to be a steady flow of sweet treats to celebrate birthdays, promotions or holidays.So how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle when a majority of your time is spent at work? Believe it or not, there are some creative ways to stay in shape without sacrificing your professionalism and work ethic, and its vital to your productivity and sanity to maintain a healthy work-life balance.Invest in an Exercise BallTrade your office chair for an exercise tanzabend. It may sound and look and feel silly at first, but employees all over the country are opting to work out their core while working on the job.When purchasing an exercise ball, make sure its the right size for you. Check the box for height requirements for each size beca use you want to be sure your legs are at a 120-degree angle when sitting, according to the ball is set up at your desk, make sure your computer is still at eye level and you avoid slouching. Looking down at your computer or slumping over at all completely negates the work youre doing for your abs and back and actually creates more problems.Finally, you dont have to spend all day on the exercise ball to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Start out sitting on the ball a few times throughout the day, and work your way up to longer time periods.Take a Break, Take a WalkSure, everyone is insanely busy at their jobs, but its not only beneficial to your physical health but also your mental health to step away for a bit. Now, you dont need to leave your desk for an hour at a time. Just take 10 minutes and step outside for some fresh air.If youre too busy to leave your workplace, just take a stroll around your office. Pop in to say hello to coworkers or start a fresh pot of coffee for everyone. This momentary break wont just help you stay in motion it will also help your workplace relationships.Get Your Office InvolvedOne of the biggest ways to find a work and life balance is to shut down your computer at the end of the day and save the work that needs to be done for tomorrow. Too often, employees are working late every night of the week and not getting that break from work that they need.Get your coworkers together one night a week and join a softball, kickball or volleyball league. Working together in this capacity will help develop you all as a team, motivate everyone to stay in shape and just be plain old fun.Could your office environment benefit from a few exercise balls? Sound off in the commentsIMAGE Courtesy of Flickr byex_magician

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Greenhouse ATS What Job Seekers Need to Know

Greenhouse ATS What Job Seekers Need to Know Greenhouse ATS What Job Seekers Need to Know A fewnotable applicant tracking systems (ATS) have roots going back to the 1990s and it shows. One recruiter told Jobscan that they were stuck using a system that reminds me of something in the Windows 95 era. Even asATS companiesupdate their software to keep with the times, many are dragging along old code that makes them clunky and complicated for recruiters and job seekers alike. Then there is Greenhouse, an ATS startup that was founded in 2012 and completed its Series C round of funding in 2015. Since then, Greenhouse has been gobbling up market share and gaining ground on long-time ATS king Taleo.Need to take a step back?Read mora What is an applicant tracking system?Greenhouse prides itself on providing an excellentcandidate experience, but there are still a few things job seekers should know when working on a Greenhouse application. These insights can be the difference between getting an interview and falling behind other candidates.Companies that use Greenhouse ATSA few of the many companies that use Greenhouse ATS includeAirbnbFitBitPinterestSnapchatInstacartTripAdvisorRedditWarby ParkerBuzzFeedJ.D. PowerVenmoSquarespaceTumblrShazamEvernoteProsperGawkerCasperMajor League BaseballTaco Bell (corporate)As you can see, the tech industry is leading the way in adopting Greenhouse, but others wont be far behind.How to spot Greenhouse ATSSome companies mask the ATS theyre using, but sometimes you can see the name of the ATS right in the URL.For example, a corporate Taco Bell job will have a URL likehttps// .Other companies, like Airbnb, customize their URL to something likehttps// That makes it a little harder to know which ATS theyre using.If its not in the URL, some clues that youre using Greenhouse includeA minimalist, single-page application (usually)Apply for this Job headingDo cuments attached via some combination of direct upload, Dropbox, Google Drive, or pasted inCustomized text fields (including social profiles or knockout questions)Compliance surveys like U.S. Equal Opportunity andVoluntary Self-Identification of Disability at the bottomIf a company doesnt stylize their application, Greenhouse applications look like this by default. Among others, this is how Instacart, Fitbit, and Taco Bell applications begin.(If the URL and application are customized like Airbnbs and you are a tech-savvy person, you can inspect the application using your browser developer tools to see if Greenhouse or another ATS is hidden in the code.)Greenhouse ATS doesnt parse your resumeSome ATS scrape your uploaded resume and attempt to pull the correct info into a digital candidate profile for the purposes of search, filters, rankings, and recruiter navigability. Unfortunately, these ATS arent able to account for every resume format, resume template, or creative konzept choice s, meaning sections of an applicants resume might not be parsed correctly. As a result, highly qualified candidates tend to slip through the cracks.Greenhouse ATS doesnt attempt to do this. Applicants within Greenhouse dont need to be quite as careful about creative formatting choices or untraditional section labels. That said, the text still needs to be readable by Greenhouse to enable keyword searches.If youve saved your ATS resume as a PDF, double-check its searchability by confirming that the text can be selected and copied, or upload it into Jobscan.Keyword frequency matters in a Greenhouse searchWhen a recruiter using Greenhouse ATS searches for a keyword, the system searches applicants entire resumes for the keyword. One of the contributing factors for how the results are returned to the recruiter is keyword frequency. For example, if a recruiter searches for customer service, an applicant with five mentions of that skill in their resume will appear higher in the results than someone with only two mentions.Because of this, its important to ensure that the most important hard skills and keywords for a job are mentioned in your resume multiple times.Jobscan makes it easy to optimize your resume keywords for frequency by showing you a side-by-side comparison of the keywords in your resume and the job description.An example skills comparison in the Jobscan Match Report.Try it out for yourself here??span data-mce-type=bookmark style=schirm inline-block width 0px overflow hidden line-height 0 class=mce_SELRES_start?/spanspan data-mce-type=bookmark style=display inline-block width 0px overflow hidden line-height 0 class=mce_SELRES_start?/?spanspan data-mce-type=bookmark style=display inline-block width 0px overflow hidden line-height 0 class=mce_SELRES_start?/spanspan data-mce-type=bookmark style=display inline-block width 0px overflow hidden line-height 0 class=mce_SELRES_startspan data-mce-type=bookmark style=display inline-block width 0px overflow hidden li ne-height 0 class=mce_SELRES_start?/span?/spanCreate an attractive resumeWhen it comes to creating an ATS-proof resume, sometimes visual design can take a backseat to keyword optimization and formatting. However, design needs to be a real consideration when applying through the Greenhouse ATS. In addition to the aforementioned lack of parsing, Greenhouse also prominently displays your resume in the recruiter interface.Example of the Greenhouse ATS application and resume view. This resume was uploaded as a bare-bones .txt file, which doesnt look very attractive.In a recruiters Greenhouse dashboard, your resume appears below the text fields youve filled out as part of the application. The display maintains your resumes design however you saved it. When applying through Greenhouse, take a little more time with your resumes design, consider a snazzier template, and make sure the most important information is located near the top.Get additional Greenhouse ATS tipsGet more Greenhouse-spec ific tips by using Jobscans ATS Tip feature. Learn more by watching the one-minute video below

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If you want to change, you have to follow through or else

If you want to change, you have to follow through or elseIf you want to change, you have to follow through or elseCan you will yourself to change for the better? The good news is that psychologists think it is possible for you to erase your less desired traits. The bad news is that you have to go out of your head and do work for the change to happen.Our personalities are not set in stone, but a new study in theJournal of Personality and Social Psychologyfound that wanting to change is not enough for it to happen - you have to follow through on the action if you want to grow.Everyday challenges helped students change personalitiesNathan Hudson at Southern Methodist University and his colleagues recruited 377 college psychology students to choose two of the Big Five personality traits - Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism - to work on to change. The students were most likely to pick being less neurotic and mora extroverted.To become mora zen and outgoing people, the students were told to do the activities of zen and outgoing people. For 15 weeks, the students completed weekly challenges- prewritten goals that would put their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in line with their desired traits. For the students that wanted to be more extroverted, for example, they could accept an easy challenge of saying hello to a cashier or a harder challenge of taking on the leadership of a class project.These weekly challenges had long-term effects. The more challenges the students completed, the more their personalities changed to fit their desired traits.The single largest implication of our study is that actively engaging in behaviors designed to change ones personality traits does, in fact, predict greater amounts of trait growth across time, Hudson said.But before we overhaul our personalities, we might want to make sure if we can follow through on a challenge before agreeing to do it. The students who accepted challenges they coul d not complete had their goals backfire. Neurotic students became more neurotic. Aspiring extroverts became more introverted. The researchers suggest that this might be because it is demoralizing to fail to attain a goal. If you fail to introduce yourself to a stranger, you may beat yourself up more than if you had never tried at all.It is encouraging to know that it is within our power to make these personality adjustments happen. But as with any kind of big goal, we cannot just sit and wait for change to happen to us - we have to live what we preach and practice our values.

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The only way to become a better public speaker as an introvert

The only way to become a better public speaker as an introvertThe only way to become a better public speaker as an introvertWith sweaty palms and a dry mouth, I took a deep breath.In front of a room full of chubby-faced, clumsy 4th graders and their parents, I arrived at a big moment of my speech. It welches the moment of the speech. Two seconds before the breath, I set up an actual joke, preparing to take a risk none of the other 15 adolescents before dared try.Now, it was time for the punchline.Even the cold, yellow concrete walls of the classroom seemed to leer at me as I paused.Would the audience laugh? Would they roll their eyes? Would they leave?*(*In retrospect, parents storming out of a 4H speech contest for 10-year-olds seems unlikely. But at the time it seemed a very real possibility.)Heres what stand up comedians dont talk about much you cant tell a joke halfway. When you deliver, you must be completely confident the next words you say are going to send the audience into a fit of rolling laughter. A joke (or anything, probably) delivered with half a heart will be met with pity at best and indifference at worst. This is true regardless of the contents quality.I took a deep breath, and screamedEVEN GOD IS NOT AWAKE AT THIS HOURA couple of the parents laughed. Most of the children simply stared in shock, their eyes now bulging out of their sockets. In the back, one brown-haired boy gaped with his mouth wide open like a fish.I still remember that.The rest of the speech passed without event (meaning I didnt have to scream in the voice of my mother about the comparison between my sleeping patterns and those of a deity). At the end, I nodded toward the polite applause and walked back to my seat.Later, a girl walked up to me.She said Youre funny.And then walked away.I dont think she said more than 4 words to me after that day.For a moment, though, I had mattered. Really mattered. She remembered a part of what I said.I wonder if she still remembers.I wonder i f anyone will remember anything I say.- - - First, lets ask the obvious questionWhy bother?Why bother learning how to speak well in public?For me it was simple - I knew there were ideas I could only get across if I were in the room. At camp as a director, I had to motivate 12 teenagers to you know try. When I was an editor at a college paper, there were times when written words would fall short. On most of these occasions, I was more than a little nervous.One time I had to tell an editor he would be suspended if he kept showing up late and staying later. That was the worst one.At first, I didnt know why I felt in my gut certain things needed to be spoken aloud. Then, I found out about most of our communication takes place through verbal cues and body language.And now, Introvert, since I have distracted you and delayed for about 500 words, its time to tell you the truthThe only way to get better at public speaking is to speak more.- - - Doesnt writing my speech make me a bette r speaker?Not really. It can help you prepare, but it wont help you deliver. When the surge of adrenaline clouds your brain with messages that say either RUN or PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE, you have to know where to put those feelings.But cant I just use notes?Sure, but youll miss out on a wide spectrum of emotional transfer if youre looking down the whole time. Be a person. Not a book.What if I speak in public so rarely, I dont have time to get used to it?Rehearse 10 days before. Rehearse 9 days before. Rehearse 8 days before. rehearse 7 daysDoes that mean look at my speech and say it in my head?No. That means say it out loud. Without notes. See where your instincts and your mouth take you. You might be surprised.Who should I rehearse with?I have found my steering wheel to be an incredible and indulgent audience.Do I have to tell jokes?God, no.Is there a hack to this?Yes Talk about what you know intimately and care for passionately. Al Gore (the introvert) is a mediocre politician, but an incredible advocate for climate change.- - - Before you leave, its important to remind you of somethingYou can.You dont have to, but you can. Your ideas are important. They will change the world. If they get rejected a few times, I dont want it to be because of any doubt in your public speaking abilities.Stay focused. Stay balanced. Rehearse, and thenSpeak.Much love as always ?- Todd BP.S. If youre curious about my process for getting new ideas for speaking (or new ideas for anything, really), youll like my Microjournaling practice.Thisarticlefirst appeared on Medium.

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This is the highest paying entry level job of 2019

This is the highest paying entry level job of 2019This is the highest paying entry level job of 2019Another year, another crop of young graduates eager to secure economic independence as quickly as possible. Though it varies depending on the occupation, by and large, it takes graduates about three to six months to land an entry-level job, assuming theyre prudent enough to start applying for positions around three months before graduation.The thing is, as of 2019, 50% of recent graduates earn wages less than $42,000 a year, and 25% earn less than$32,000. Forty-percent of grads are underemployed, as perU.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreU.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population SurveyShow me the moneyIf you belong to the class of 2019 you might want to check out Glassdoo rs recent economicstudy of the most competitive internship pay and the types of entry-level jobs that command the highest salaries.The report is an extensive analysis of salary reviews left in 2018 by American employees ages 25, and under. This years results showcase a clear winner not only do Data Scientists start off with a median wage of $95,000 a year, the position has been voted Best Job In America four years in a row, with the highest reports of job satisfaction, and the most job openings of all the occupations reviewed.Its one of the few jobs that isnt threatened by the progression of technology. The more technology advances, the greater the need for skilled professionals to collect and organize data. It stands to reason that the second and third highest paying entry level positions belong to similarfields.Software engineers secure a median starting wage of $90,000 a year, and Product Managers can expect to earn around $89,000 annually. Check out the full list below,RankJob T itleMedian Base Salary1Data Scientist$95,0002Software Engineer$90,0003Product Manager$89,0004Investment Banking Analyst$85,0005Product konzeptioner$85,0006UX Designer$73,0007Implementation Consultant$72,0008Java Developer$72,0009Systems Engineer$70,00010Software Developer$68,60011Process Engineer$68,25812Front End Developer$67,50013Product Engineer$66,75014Actuarial Analyst$66,25015Electrical Engineer$66,00016Mechanical Engineer$65,00017Design Engineer$65,00018Applications Developer$65,00019Test Engineer$65,00020Programmer Analyst$65,00021Quality Engineer$64,75022Physical Therapist$63,91823Field Engineer$63,75024Project Engineer$63,00025Business Analyst$63,000Using data collected from salary reviewssubmitted by interns between March 1st, 2018, and February 28th, 2019, Glassdoor also determined which Internships offer the most competitive pay.Tech industries dominated this list as well, accounting for 44% of the entire ranking. In an effort to ensure they have the very best of the be st, to chose from, Facebook offers a median monthly pay of $8,000 to their interns, just ahead of Amazons $7,725. Many of the top contenders settle around $7,000 a month for their intern budget, which means new interns generally earn about $84,000 a year.RankEmployerMedian Monthly Pay1Facebook$8,0002Amazon$7,7253Salesforce$7,6674Google$7,5005Microsoft$7,2506Uber$7,1677Bloomberg L.P.$7,0008Capital One$7,0009Apple$6,66710Bank of America$5,83311J.P. Morgan$5,66712Goldman Sachs$5,36713Viasat$5,33314Visa Inc.$5,16715Intel Corporation$5,00016SAP$4,83317EY$4,82518Tesla$4,66719Deloitte$4,66720Cisco Systems$4,66721PwC$4,50022KPMG$4,50023Genentech$4,50024Dell$4,33325Boeing$4,167You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will ersatzdarsteller your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs 10 habits of mentally strong people

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5 Tricks for Getting Powerful People to Come to You (Seriously)

5 Tricks for Getting Powerful People to Come to You (Seriously)5 Tricks for Getting Powerful People to Come to You (Seriously)You probably know that powerful people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of unsolicited requests every day. And at networking events or speaking engagements, the most influential folks in the room usually have to fight back a scrum of people hoping to get a word in or hand off a business card. To get on their radar, you have to do more than cold email and hope for the best, or push your way to the front of the line at industry mixers.The better way to connect with superstars isnt to get in front of them and ask them for things. As Duke University prof and author Dorie Clark put it, The world is competing for the attention of the most successful people, she wrote for Harvard Business Review. If you want to meet them- and break through and build a lasting connection- the best strategy is to make them come to you. Here are a few ways to do that.1. Promote Their Pr oductsEntrepreneurs are usually extremely passionate about the products theyre creating, so one of the best ways to get on their radar is to praise their products or services- publicly. Of course, only do this when youve genuinely gotten value from them. After all, many people can smell when a compliment is fake. Whether its recommending their book on Facebook or explaining how their workshop or event changed your life or business in a blog post, youll be surprised at how often influencers notice these little things. Its a great way to attract their attention and begin to build a relationship.Related The Networking Secret That Only Requires Writing 4 Emails a Year 2. Sign Up for Their Classes (and Be a Star Student)Many of the high-profile experts you want to connect with offer programs or teach courses you can enroll in. Being a student is one of the biggest gifts you can give them. When you become successful with someones teachings, you become a case study- a living proof that the ir methodologies work. I met one of my mentors by signing up for several of his courses and worked hard to become a star student. Over time, we developed a strong relationship.3. Offer Help During Challenging TimesOne magazine editor I know sent a mass email sharing that the magazine she welches working for had closed down and that she was looking for new opportunities. I responded right away and offered to put her in touch with people in my network for leads. When you help people during challenging times, theyll remember your generosity for years to come. Think about it If you were in their position, youd feel the same way.Related The Networking Hack Youve Been Missing? Telling People to Text You4. Connect Them With ResourcesJust like the rest of us, powerful people share their updates, news, and challenges with their networks on social media and elsewhere. If you spot a way to help, do so. Maybe you can recommend a great local restaurant or attraction if theyll be visiting your ci ty, or a great article or book that addresses the issues theyre facing. Passing along this sort of help demonstrates your interest in building a mutually beneficial relationship, rather than just asking for favors.Related 3 Insanely Simple Templates for Networking With Strangers5. Introduce Them to Connections in Your NetworkPeople in your network are always looking to make other great connections. It doesnt take long to write an email introducing two people to one another, but those few minutes can result in someone getting a new client, a new referral partner, or their next big opportunity. (Just make sure the connection is mutually beneficial, and that both people opt in before you make the introduction, or youll be in for some awkward conversations down the line.)I tried this approach myself when I found out an entrepreneur and podcaster I admired was coming to New York, where I live. I wanted to connect with him, but I knew he was a very busy guy. Instead of trying to set up a one-on-one meeting, I offered to host a dinner party with him, and a few experts in my circle who I thought might interest him. The next thing I knew, he invited me to be a guest on his podcast.So if youre worried that asking an influential person to make time for just you is a tall order, think about who else in your network they might find value in- and pool your resources. Thats what networking is all about, after all Its not who you know individually, but collectively that makes all the difference.This article was originally published on fehlte nicht viel Company. It has been republished here with permission.

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Top Tips of About Me Templates

Top Tips of About Me Templates about Me Templates for Dummies Dont forget this specific template is ideal for those with some or significant work experience only. Email templates are a fantastic means to conserve time and improve your productivity. Employing a resume template has turned into an acceptable and smart practice for numerous reasons. Normally, its better to keep up a professional tone even if youre discontinuing the service as youre upset. Each one contains a complete alphabet in upper and lowercase in addition to numbers. The first few options need no mora instruction. Youll discover a selection of fun lettering styles. The 30-Second Trick for about Me Templates DONT consist of anything irrelevant to the job youre applying for. In reality, our customers using our resume templates receive a job 33% faster than people who dont. Because the template covers a biweekly pay period, you will need to complete one per employee every fourteen days. Use this script to h ave a response from them. This email is truly a sales letter because youre selling your services, but it doesnt use a difficult sell process. If youre on the lookout for premium, higher excellent website templates, look no more If youre on the lookout for an easy, minimalistic template for business presentations, PowerNote might be the ideal alternative. There are many free, reliable templates readily available online. The Pain of about Me Templates You wont always know the name of the individual youre attempting to reach, but should you are aware of it, you need to use it. Youve probably already seen a dizzying amount of online tips on how to compose a resume, and arent sure about the way to make sense of it all. You want to select a resume template which will help you make a terrific first impression, even before people start reading. There are lots of beautiful resume templates out there, but nevertheless, it can be simple to feel as a lot of the greatest cost a ridicul ous quantity of money, require special plan programs in order to edit, or both. The New Angle On about Me Templates Just Released Ultimately, a template simply can help save you time. They are already done so you only have to fill in the details. Every template is not hard to edit and print The animated templates include a static set of slide layouts so it isnt difficult to create a presentation utilizing animation only when you want it. It has quite a clean, formal look that is ideal for your next major project. You get acquainted with little quirks about them in addition to hire them for projects Everyone can realize that youve put some thought into the undertaking. For instance, a sample cover letter might show you the type of action words you should have in your cover letter. Once removed, paper ought to have a great bounce and curl. Children also have the choice to compose the emotion underneath. Together with helping with your layout, cover letter examples will be a ble to help you see what type of content you should put in your document. Ruthless About Me Templates Strategies Exploited It becomes better think about doing it. This template may be used by freelancers or contractors who must calculate hours worked on projects. DO make certain that the remainder of your resume is completely machine readable. But What About about Me Templates? It provides easy-to-read slides that may pack in lots of info in a really clean format. View Moz chose to provide visitors with a timeline to inform their story. Our pre-written survey templates make it straightforward to construct your survey and begin collecting data in minutes. Of course, when you decide to print the timesheet, you will have to calculate their hours manually. Up in Arms About about Me Templates? Also, a lot of the paper crafts on the website make great felt board templates. Jennifer the internet designer is much more inclined to take the second email seriously. We created the se new designs because of the expanding popularity of our explainer about how to compose an expert profile. My site provides free and premium templates (such as flash), together with an on-line manual that will help you set your site up if youre using one of my completely free website templates. View DigitalTrend is among the major tech magazines. View This about me page involves the excellent mixture of rightly chosen colors and very clear typography. View Adam Dannaways page is an easy and to-the-point illustration of his ideas and techniques. Introducing about Me Templates 60-day Money-Back Guarantee Secure on-line Order Form Heres a sample list of our clients. Templates also show you exactly what elements you will need to put in your letters, like introductions and body paragraphs. A template will be able to help you structure your letter so that its well organized. Click the download button to find this Memo Template.